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You see I cannot be forsaken

I fell asleep really early last night (1ish) after talking to my sweet, sweet angel. Our talks are so loverly and random.

I managed to watch Futurama this morning, then went back to sleep till 11.

I got two bottles of Pepsi twist today. YAY! < 3 Pepsi rush again!

I'm trying to write but the words won't come. Fucking block.

I still haven't found Pokemon Yellow/Silver, though I found something else: my Star Wars Action Fleet. It's love! I've been semi-playing with it but I can't find any of the Episode 1 stuff, Palpatine, Vader or Tydrium (and I'm sure I have more that I can't remember).

What I've found so far:
*Most of the Dune Sea Battle Pack
*Most of the Ewok Adventure Battle Pack
*Most of the Desert Palace Battle Pack
*B-Wing Starfighter
*Most of the Death Star Playset
*TIE Interceptor
*AT-ST/Landspeeder (why they were put together as one set I've no idea)

I remember how much I sooo wanted the Echo Base set so I found one on e-bay for just under a £10 at the moment, which is a bargin as it has two extra snowspeeders, an AT-AT and an AT-ST.

I'm also watching a Slave 1, Millenium Falcon, Jawa Sandcrawler and Tantive IV.

I'm not obsessed... honest.

I'm pondering adding yet another fic to the to-do list: a Gerard/Ian one cause they're hot. And causa the poster. I blame the poster.
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