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There's an army llamas

I blame the Sims 2 and the llama song for my current llama fixation.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I HATE USB!

It fucked up on me again last night and it took me over an hour to return. Sigh. When I go to GIAN it's being fixed. Fixed I tell thee!

I'm so annoyed. I've made an order with amazon and it says to retry thee credit card. WTF? I thought mum said she wasn't cancelling her card.

Sigh, if it still doesn't work I'll use the other. The order's only for The Sims 2 Holiday pack and the Good Charlotte video collection.

Fic writing today, now that this works fine, so yay!

I only had one easter egg: a caramel one, I've already eaten the bars in it

I was on the phone to my angel for about 2 hours last night. I swear one day she'll get sick of my random late night calls.

Wacko's Wish= < 3

Someone stop me looking at Matt pictures: I'm finding him hot and it's very disturbing. But only Busted-era Matt. Now-Matt is still ewwy.
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