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It's all about Simon

It's scary how many Star Wars things I seen in Lost In Space last night. Twas at least 4: including some from 3 and 2 which hadn't been made when it was.

My driving licence arrived today, but who cares it was the last Popworld.

I missed the first 10 mins (just like my baby), then settled to watch.

Simon is < 3!! Simon in bed, Simon laying back, SIMON IN LYCRA SIMON'S BOXERS!! ..and Daniel Beddingfield as god.. (that just disturbs me while the others are hot).

Dreamysobble I'll misss Simon :(:(

I was half expecting Simon to come on with Harry and they admit their love... then I remembered Harry was in America. *sniff*

I seen an ad for the new ones and I can tell they'll be crap. Sigh.

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