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Pop-up's! Pop-up's! Cyber theft!

Pop-up's really fucking piss me off. They should be destroyed!

Anyway.. I madde yet another Sims family last night: with Harry, Dave, Tom and Omar. So far three visters have died. One was a vamp that accidentally got dusted, the oother 2.. well it was there own fault. The cow-plant ate them.

Apparently one of the ghosts woohoo-ed the reaper... while alive O_O

The family name is Mcstar cause I couldn't be bothered to make it Abidi-Fletcher-Judd-Williams.

I still can't decide which fic to do, I feel so useless not writing. Sigh.

The MCR store has a sale on some stuff! YAY!

I'll give anyone who gets the subject a shiny cookie.
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