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Expecting you

I've been playing Sims 2 a lot. Dave's a vampire and Harry's fucking Omar. Dreamysigh

I went to Walsall today to get my tickets to Walsall, my £60 ALG was there so I spent just over £30 on things.

I got from Music Zone:
*Ichi The Killer two disc edition
*Lacuna Coil - Comalies Deluxe Edition

And from HMV:
*Kerrang (causa perdy Gerard)
*My Chemical Romance Something Increadible This Way Comes (Book)
*Ring (Book, I stiil need the film)
*Queer As Folk Best Of And More

So yay me! And I had sushi.

WH Smiths didn't have the gay mag Charlie's in though. Sob. But I knew I had to get the MCR book the second I saw it, cause perdy Gee. And it has pretty pictures.

Plus in Kerrang (Next week has a really hot massive Gee/Ian poster) there was a thing wiith perdy clothes/abgs/tee's/jewellery. I have all the MCR tee's and thee hoodie, but I want the hat and bag. Maybe the hat'll be at GIAN.

There was a perdy Japanese guy roaming about.

I saw the Sims 2 Holiday Expansion for £10, is that good?

Edit: I can't decide which fic to finish next..
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