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I had an epiphany: Due to the result of San Fransisco (and seeing pictures of couples there :) ) chemy's earlier comments and the thoughts in my own screwy mind.
Dedicated to everyone that has married in San Fransisco since Friday: You all deserve happiness!

I realised that I can be anything I want: because I have my own will power!
And no one can fucking tell me what to do!
I could be a bitch, a slave, a lover, a father, a boyfriend, a master, a boss, a whore, a friend, a slut, a worker, a singer, a player, a pawn, a husband, a assasin, a writer, a designer, a counsellor, a badass, a fighter, a lawyer, a bastard, a child, a musician, I can anything! I can do anything! And no one is gonna hold me back anymore, not Sam, not Gavin, not Luke or Lee!
I have power! We have power! Oh yeah:) he he

I am so unbeliveable proud to be a gay man during these times! The fight is almost over kids:D

Oh and vulcan_girl this is an open invitation to play the song.
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