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Without A Reason

Without A Reason
Pairing: Omar/Dan AbiHaigh
Rating: NC-17
Author: Me and top, though all he did was perv
Dedication: antontobias86 because she made me find Omar hot. Cause he's oh so hot now. And she made me an hawt Omar sim!

I gazed at his sleeping form, his head was resting on my chest, his long blonde hair fanning around it. One of his arms was flung over my belly, as if making sure I wouldn't leave him. His legs were entertwined with mine and I could feel his breathing. He looked so beautiful when he slept, but then again, he always did.

I often wondered why a guy like him was attracted to me. He could have anyone he wanted but he choose me.


I stood outside his room, shaking slightly nervously. I'd managed to catch Charlie when he didn't have his dick up someone's ass and confided in him my little problem. He told me, quite simply, to go to Dan's room and tell him. So he half dragged, half pushed me to where I was now and told me not to go in and tell him. That had been ten minutes ago and I still hadn't moved.

I closed my eyes and swallowed. Charlie was right, I had to tell him. I knocked on his door, hearing him shout 'Enter!' then pushed it open, gazing at the sight before me. There Dan was, lying topless on his bed, wearing just a pair of tatty jeans. He was singing absently along to the music that was playing. "Your fingernails that marked my back now rot in earth." He smiled at me, his eyes sparkling. "Hey Ohms!" He patted the bed beside him, indicating me to come and sit beside him.

I tried to control my arousal as I came and sat by him. "Hey.." I whispered softly, avoiding his gaze by looking at the floor.

He tilted his head, looking at me with concern in his eyes. "Ohms are you ok?"

"I... want to tell you something Dan." He nodded slowly, turning the music down.

The bed we fucked in smells the same

"You know you can tell me anything Ohms." He looked at me, taking my chin in my hand and raising my head up, letting me look him int the eyes. "Anything at all."

I smiled, slightly reassured by his words. "Well... I'm gay."

He smiled and nodded, his eyes twinkling at my words. "That's cool man."

"There's more..." He nodded, clearly eager to listen. I gulped, feeling one of his hands stroking my back gently, waiting for me to talk. I took another deep breath, then started. "I'm attracted to someone..."

His smile was wide and he patted my back. "That's great Ohms! He's a lucky guy." He grinned brightly, scooting up the bed and gazing to my eyes. "Who's the lucky dude?"

I bit my lip, gazing into his pretty eyes. Encouraged by his words I smiled and answered. "You."

He looked into my eyes for the longest time, as if letting my word sink in. After a few minutes of silence I thought things between would forever be screwed up. That he'd keep his distance, lock his doors, not talk to me and always keep his clothes on. I knew Charlie was.. The silence was broken, well, sort of, by Dan leaning forward and planting his lips on mine. He bought his hand up, stroking my cheek lightly until he pulled away, glancing into my eyes.

"You really like me?" He asked, his face so close to mine I could feel his breath on my lips. I nodded and he smiled, kissing me again lightly. "Good, cause I like you too."

I blinked, stroking his hair. "Why?"

He smiled, licking my lips lightly. "Because you're smart, funny, talented..."

"But I'm not attractive..."

He shook his head slightly. "To me you are." He resumed stroking my cheek, ever so gently. "To me you're beautiful." His other hand reached down, stroking the curve of my belly. "Especially because of this." He smiled at me, pressing his lips back against mine, only this time, his tongue pressed against my lips. I parted them slightly, feeling his soft, warm tongue entering my mouth. I closed my eyes, enjoying the feeling of his tongue as he explored my mouth. His hands were stroking over my t-shirt, his fingers grasping at the material lightly. His tongue gently stroked against mine as his fingers grasped the hem of my t-shirt before pulling away, only long enough to pull the offending item up off my body and tossing it into a corner before attacking my mouth once more. His hands rubbed along my chest, circling my nipples and gently pinching them between his fingers. He pushed me down on his bed and I heard some of the springs creak with my weight. He straddled my legs, his hungry eyes scanning my large body. "Have you ever fucked anyone Ohms?"

I nodded dumbly, as he licked the tip of his middle finger. I moaned, knowing what he was going to do and reached down, groping my clothed erection. I undid my fly, pushing my trousers and boxers down my legs. I felt my hardness hit my belly, feeling it leave a sticky smear of precum on contact. I gazed down as I kicked my trousers away, my stomach obscuring my view of my cock except for my slick head. I flicked my eyes back to Dan, who now had two fingers between his soft lips, his tongue no doubt twirling around them. I purred at the thought moving so that I lying in the middle of the bed. I kept my eyes on him as he trailed his fingers from his lips down his body. With one hand he parted his ass cheeks and then he planted both of his wet fingers inside himself.

I gasped at the sight, reaching down and wrapping a hand around my erection, slowly stroking it, working my pre-cum along the shaft. I watched as he gasped, his fingers twisting within him, readying himself for me. "Save.. your... cum.. for me.." He moaned in breathy pants and I could tell his hand was working extra fast, his other hand rubbing his chest. "Almost... ready..." I nodded, my hand leaving my length, stroking my thigh instead.

He slipped his hand away from his ass and crossed the short distance from where he stood to the bed. He climbed onto the bed, crawling up my legs until his ass was above my cock. His lips met mine offering a rough kiss as one of his hands aimed my length, his fingers gripping the base and holding it up as he squirmed. As his tongue squirmed around mine, I felt his tight ass slide down my length. I gasped against his lips, my eyes lidding in pleasure as my cock filled his hole. His lips left mine and he moaned my name loudly, his head tipping back as he did so. I felt his knees pressing against my sides as he, after a few seconds to adjust to my length, started to ride my dick. I watched as he rode me, sweat glistening over his beautiful body. His hands held onto me, his left on my hip, his right caressing my belly. I reached up, stroking his soft thighs, my thumbs rubbing the base of his hard length. He let out soft moans, his body shivering as he slide up and down my rock hard dick, causing my own moans. He clentched around me as I moved one of hands to his full, throbbing hardness and started to stroke into with his movements.

He gasped in pleasure, his heaving body glistening with his sweat. He leaned down, his hands rubbing my round belly as he kissed me hungrily. His soft, warm tongue danced around mine as we sped up. I thrust hard inside him as his hole squeezed my length tightly, his face twisted in pleasure. His lips left mine for a brief moment and he purred loudly. "Fuck me hard Ohms, I want your big cock to spray my insides." I moaned even louder at his words, his lips pressing against mine again, one of his hands tangling in my hair. I felt my cock expand slightly within him, my head tilting back against the pillow.

"Dan.. I'm gonna..." I gasped, gazing into his bright eyes, feeling the cum boil in my balls.

"Me too Ohms..." He gasped in between moans, his ass clamping tighter around me. I moaned, well, practically screamed, his name as my cock spasmed, filling his warm hole with his cream. Seconds later I felt his own erection jerk into my hand, his hot spunk splatterinng over my belly. He collapsed in top of me, panting my name. I scooped up his juices with both hands, bringing the white substance to my lips, my tongue snaking out and tasting him for the first time.

"You taste so good..."

"Mmm..." He murmered tiredly, rolling off my chest to lay beside me. I glanced at him, his eyes closed, his breathing slower now. I stroked his hair then moved slightly to leave him, until his arm flung over me. "Don't go." He whispered softly, his eyes still closed. "Stay with me... please?"

I nodded and smiled, realising he couldn't see. "Ok..." His half asleep form smiled and he curled up against me, purring softly as he coiled his legs around one of mine.


I felt his lips against my neck. "Thanking about our first time again sweety?" I nodded slightly, purring at the feeling of his tongue against my neck. "I love you."

"I love you too." I snuggled close to ho him, purring against his ear. "Wanna go again?"

He grinned brightly, his eyes sparkling. "Always for you."
Tags: dan haigh, dan haigh/omar abidi, fic, fightstar, omar abidi, slash
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