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A midspring slashers dream

Even his Myspace is gay (I mean honestly, why'd he have in his pictures the orgy and Doug's ass?) He's trying to tell us somethiing and it's not very subtley.

I called my angel at 12 last night. I seem to have a thing for calling her at odd times.

I'm not in Birmingham, mum went with my cousin, but I printed off 11 pics of Star Wars figs for her to look out for: even though they came out pink.

I'm looking for my other Sims 2 Uni disc, cause I've ordered Nightlife and wanted it fully updated for when it comes in 2ish days. It also means I'll be able to download better Sims (ie, The Used, the rest of MCR (at least), ass well as finally use that hot as hell Anakin sim) and that Falcon lot that I saw somewhere. MWHHAHHHA!

I'm also finishing teh Fightstar fic so I'm not coming from away till I do.. cause I fell asleep last night.

*blushes at my baby's words* Love you
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