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I love the way she glows in ultraviolet light

This. Machine. Is. Fucking. Annoying.

It's taken me an hour to get a stable connection. I wish it was wireless it would be easier.

*snuggles my baby*

Guess who just saw Mcfly on E4 music? They're sluts.

I decided too make a list of stuff in notepad that I'd need for the Star Wars fic. Almost every letter in the alphabet has something to research (cept Q and Y). Oh joy. Thankfully I have these *gestures emphatically at books* which cover most, if not all of said things. Only two people are definately gonan be in it (ie they have parts and everything) and that's Gerard and Harry. Though Harry won't talk much. If at all.

Fics to do (hopefully at least one'llbe done today):
Eddie's Song
Without A Reason
Night Drive
Riding In Cars With Boys
Tie Me To A Chair
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