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Lost for words

Tonight was one of those nights where you wanna stab yourself in the eye. Well, I did.

It's oknow, thank the gods. I love my angel.

I can't sleep again. However, realising it's best to post fic in daylight, I've found a distraction:

The Sims 2.

I only installed it on my comp tonight and already.. well. MWHHHAH!

The 'family' is Quinn, Gerard and Sonny. Gee and Sonny fell in love, got engaged and married, simple right? Wrong. Both of them (yes both) cheated with Quinn. Then Gee caught them (I honestly dunno which he was more upset about, Sonny fucking Quinn or vice versa) but now he's happy with Sonny again. Ah the joys of controlling the lives of Sims.

Edit: And Sonny and Quinn are shagging again

Edit 2: And now due to a fire and their idiocy (I mean honestly who goes TOWARDS a fire?? They'ree both dead.

So now I restart their lives again. THAT WAS X-AMOUNT OF HOURS I WANT BACK!
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