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Lando system?

Good news:
*I got The Simpsons Heaven And Hell
*I got It's Hot with the hottest Dave and Dougie posters
*Chocolate cake!
*I got my photo taken for the license: and I like it
*Easter holiday

Bad news:
*The e-mail for the tattoo people don't work
*The past two weeks of ALG hasn't gone in so I couldn't/can't have it yet
*Meaning I'm annoyed
*Mum's been annoying again

Other things:
*I'm gonna find all my Star Wars reference books and shelve em in one place: cept for the new ones
*I love my angel
*I can't decide the title of the Fightstar fic (it's either 'The Bed We Fucked In' or 'Without A Reason')
*The poster of Dave has a really hot smile
*Gina's back!
*Anyother attempts at Dave/Eddie icons/manips? *puppyeyeseth*
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