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All fall down

I missed going to the playgroup thing: by sleeping till 11. I was dragged to Cannock though. I couldn't get away long enough to check on the tatt. Sigh. I'm not even 100% sure where the place is. Yay for me.

I have a map and a rough location but it's confusing. Sigh. Curse Cannock for having so many bloody roundabouts. I'll just head the rough way and hope for the best tommorrow.

However today I got Star Wars marshmellow things and the pizza slices and Pepsi.

I have a line for the Star Wars fic in my head, so I'm putting it here.

"I often wondered if you people could bleed. Let's find out."

Proposed death count for said fic: At least 2.

I even have a proposed world for it. Originally it was gonna be an outer Hutt Space world, but I can't find any I really.. like so it's gonna be on Nar Shaddaa.

Though I haven't decided who's gonna be in it (outta Mcfly/SOD/MCR, though I have decided a certain Dark Lord will make an appearence).

I'm gonna have to find out about the Magnaguard Electropoles from the Episode 3 Visual Dictionary though (as The New Essential Guide To Weapons And Technology was released before Episode 3).

However I'm gonna finish the others before starting it though.

I'm finishing Fightstar one now, block is lifted. WOO!


...and I'm done.
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