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It's 2 O'clock in the morning!

Yeah I can't sleep, shut up before I hit you.

The block has struck again! Gah! You do not want writers block before a sex scene. After's ok caus ethen you can end it there but before, before is bad. Still coulda been worse. Coulda been during.

Doesn't help that I keep looking at pictures of my angel and through my Star Wars books. I keep learning random things.

Dreamysigh my angel's perdy.

Having the Kerrang William poster next to me is bad for me. You can see his hip bones for fucks sake! Dreamystare.

Maybe I should do one of those things I do where I do random things. (That makes no sense does it?) I did ponder going through my fics to list the pairings I've done but I just know that some fics (namely Blade You Stain) would bring up a gazillion pairings and would drive me mad typing Gerard/ over and over.

I think I'm gonna check and see how much the MCR tatt'll be, if not tommorrow then Friday as I'll probably be dragged to Cannock. I wanna have at lleast the outline done for Give It A Name (which is at the end of the month squee!).

Ok, I have a request for someone. I'd like (at least one) Dave/Eddie icon. Yes you heard me right a Dave/Eddie icon. ETERNAL GLORY TO WHOEVER DOES IT!!

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