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I happen to like nice men

Again, I've overslept. Gah. At night I'm practically a insomnatic and at the day I'm sleeping most of it away. Sigh.

I'm all excited for Birmingham next week, I hope they have good figures. Dreamysigh.

Well, there's been a developement. Mum got money off the carers people (well a cheque but it's the same thing really so shush) to have driving lessons. Yesterday she had a lesson and the instructor basically said it'd take forever to learn so... I'm gonna be learning to drive. Note to everyone: Stay off the roads, even if you're not in England.

This does mean though, that once I've learned I can yoink grandad's car and head down to see my angel, which is YAYsome.

What else? Well, I've almost finished the Fightstar ficcy yay!

The Alien Autopsy soundtrack is 'on it's way' so that's another yay!

And the final yay: HARRY LIKES PANIC! AT THE DISCO!!!!!! :D

Edit: And I wanna donate spermm
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