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One in a million

< 3 for angel.

Next Tuesday I'm being dragged to Birmingham. At first I thought meh (apart from the fact it'd mean eating at Pizza Hut yummeh!). But now I've found out that Star Wars ROTS figures are half price at Toys R Us! YAY! I'll be hoarding them! I hope there's Polis Massan's, Kit Fisto, Magna Guard and R2-D2 at least.

It's good that they're cheap cause I only have one :[ (Namely Mustafar Battle Damage Anakin).

La la yay!

I've also been inspired for a Star Wars fic. I just need to deicde who'd be what... which I'm trying not to do yet, till I've posted the t'other fics.

Of which one > will be posted tonight.
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