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Ah the joys of rambling on about how and why Earth is virtually ignored by the greater galaxy: then going on about all the ways we could all die if we weren't. Good times.

I've been restless and the block hath struck me so I watched Phone Booth and Alien Vs Predator.

Cause both are oldish I'm not putting spoilers/ramblings under a cut.

Phone Booth was good *sniggers at the whore* Colin Farrell is dreaaaaaamy. The entire thing made me shivery for obvious reasons (ie Colin's name is Stu so Kiefer keeps saying Stu and Stu is my name and.. *shivers*). Anyyway, it was good.

Alien Vs Predator, well, it was good. Not as bad as I expected, due to, you know, everyone saying it's bad. The Predator's hologram map reminded me of Resident Evil, when they had a map of the Hive. It was practically identical. Everyone died every five seconds. And Max (played by the guy who played One in Resident Evil) dies in a similar way to how he does in that. NO ATTRACTIVE WAS IN IT! However the dvd itself had an X-File ad, which made me squee and pooint to my boxsets.

The end though, was... weird.

I wanna see Hostel again, and I want Hostel 2 to be out now. And Saw 3. Dreamysigh.

Anyway... that's it really.
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