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Holding on tonight

I hate today. April bloody fools day. Thussly it meant being woke up by mum yelling that kitty!Tom had been hurt, then me coming in and seeing he was fine. Gah. Leastt he was ok.

Yet another reason why I hate her today: instead of being left alone so I could call a certain pretty angel, I'm being dragged with her to Walsall to look for a stupid bloody washer.

Bah. It means I miss talking to my pretty angel. Unless...

Anyway, I've ordered Heroine and the Alien Autopsy soundtrack to spite her. Although the soundtrack ain't being sent for ages. I want it causa the Dorks and I've no money to buy it if I see it.

And I've ordered The Essential Guide To Alien Species and The New Essential Guide To Weapons And Technology

Meh I gotta go now :(

Back later, where I'll be fic writing and watching random things.

Edit: The bitchleft me behind! GAH!
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