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I paid them!

Last night, after walaking Kel to Wryley, I ordered extra userpics for me, extended my paid account (so now it's good till Novemberish) and got my angel a paid account. < 3

I love my cousin sometimes. She e-mailed last night wanting a book, so I ordered it for her with The New Essential Chronology. I've wanted it for awhile and it's so recent and cool. Cause there's stuff about Star Wars even I don't know. So... squee. I have too few Star Wars reference books (even though the ones I have could easily cover the living room floor). I'm still missing the most recent Essential Guides. I'll get the New Essential Guide To Droids when it comes out. Confederacy droids are < 3

I spent all last night talking to my pretty and randomly babbling. I'm so random.

Today's been pretty boring, my lighter is officially crappy.

I finally saw Hostel today.

Trailers were goodish. Silent Hill looks interesting, so does Silther. The Dark looks meh. An All American Haunting... I dunno. The Omen, well I think it was redone now on purpose, as it 's released 6/6/06.

Right, the first half an hourish has so many fucking boobs. Girls in windows. Whores. Roomates. Boobs. Were. Everywhere. There was lesbian porn too.

There's so much sex too. it's scary of itself.

But at least the guys got topless, though since the girls were nude that's hardly fair.

The kids=freaky.

Anyway, I just knew that Icelandic guy was dead. I also guessed that the Japanese one was too.

Weren't they suspicious about the museum? (Note to angel: chair with nails)

I just knew the weird guy was involved.

Mmmm the hot one in boxers, handcuffed. Being drilled into by the weird one. Then him begging to be set free, the werird one slashing his ankles, then him standing and falling!

Something that creeped me out was 'We're going to the spa'. When it was said the second time.

The art show < 3

The other hottish guy wasn't killed. Sigh. A chainsaw is overkill to cut off fingers. But mmm ball gag. HA! The psycho didn't watch where he was going.

Next I'll just sum up the rest.

Flame torch. Ewwy. Rocks and bubblegum. Running over. Train. Slashed throat. More finger loss. Body parts.

I love it.

It brings up a question:
Would I pay to kill someone?

The answer?


I leave you with that and eat chocolate cake.
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