We're owl exterminators (shadow_hive) wrote,
We're owl exterminators

List your top 10 not-really-boy/girlfriends. Though I'm doing 20 cause.. I couldn't just pick 10 After the first three it loses order

1. Dave Williams
2. Harry Judd
3. Simon Amstell
4. Mikey Way
5. Dougie Poynter
6. Charlie Simpson
7. Dan Haigh
8. Steve Rushton
9. Tom Fletcher
10. Matt Tuck
11. Andrew Kinlochan
12. Gerard Way
13. Mikey Green
14. Danny Jones
15. Hayden Christenson
16. Masanobu Ando
17. James Bourne
18. Chris Leonard
19. Quinn Allman
20. Omar Abidi :[

I tag my whoever wants to.

And I could still think of more

While I find pictures of them all, everyone do this VOTE FOR CLONE WARS PADME!
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