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There will be blood

And breath.

I won two of the mcslash awards I was nominated for! (Sure, I had a whole cat to myself but still..). I won:

Best Mcfly/Other - Dirty Little Secret
Best Orgy - Mcorgy

WOO! *does a squealy victory dance*

In honour of victory I use this icon! (Do you see what I've done there? Do you seeeeeeee?)


Last night I got sent pics of Duncan and Lee snuggling. Dreamysigh my first fandom and first pairing. Dreamysigh Blue slash.

Ahem.. again.

I got up early this morning (ie 8) and headed down to Wryley to go to Kwik Save (well it used to be now it's Somerfield. I got Saw 2 and the Kerrang to seen Janeyfer. (Though I coulda got Saw 2 for £1-3 less I a: couldn't be bothered to go to Walsall/Cannock, b: couldn't find my bus pass to do so and c: have to stay for gas men anyway.)

So that means I have 5 new films to watch. One thing that's alreadyd made me squee about the DVD is the insert thing which says Underworld Evolution is 'coming soon' EEEE!

I'm not very calm today am I?

I was gonna do a thing about aliens but I can't be bothered so... EEEEEEEEEEE!

Fics today. Promise.
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