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And we all dance along to the tune of your death

I. Hate. The. Clocks. Going. Forward.


Well, I've always had the clock by my bed set an hour ahead. (Yes I know that's weird). So now it's the right time I wake up at 8 thinking it's 7 so go back to bed. DO YOU SEE? So that means it takes me about 5 minutes to realise 11 IS 11 and not 10.

Hence me awaking and swearing muchy for about 3 reasons.
1: I've now missed seeing Hostel
2: I've got to take washing over now so mum'll yell at it not being out
3: I've probab;y missed my baby


It also means I've missed Just Shoot Me (which is < 3) and... well, something else I dunno what.

Oh, and today's the last voting day of mcslashawards

Edit: I'm playing oldschool Game Boy Star Wars :D

Why do I find Omar so attractive all of a sudden?
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