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Your lack of imagination saved us all

Last night I ended up watching Harry Potter with mum. Until she fell asleep then it was just me. Ron's hot now, but so are his brothers. I can't believe the hot one died!

Sure, thingy's dad's evil, but we knew that anyway.

I was woke up at 8 this morning... yes that time exists on a Saturday. The postman was buzzing the door cause he had mum's present. It's nice and shiny.

I was on the comp for all of two minutes when the connection died. Damnit! I had to save everything and try and reconnect.

I have aan idea for a Fightstar fic which I'm gonna do today. So today there's gonan be two/three/four fics from me:
*freakonsale's birthday fic
*Fightstar fic
*Eddie's Song
*Night Drive
*Maybe a Phixx fic... perhaps a crossover, cause I found a vid file on here that has Mcfly and Phixx in the title

Wasn't Son Of Dork meant to be on Top Of The Pops this morning? Discuss.

The bank rung this morning saying my bank card is there, so I picked that up while I was in Walsall. Woo. Still no wallet at the station though...

I got mum's and nan's cards, Van Helsing from Asda (the 2 disc version for only £5 :D) and then I popped into Blockbuster. They had a 4 for £20 on preowned dvds, but as I looked through them I spotted Phone Booth in a 3 for £10. SO naturally I had to find two others. There wasn't much to choose from, so I got Taking Lives and Alien Vs Predator.

I got some sushi from M&S then went home. (Well, I went to the police station and waited half an hour to be told it wasn't there, I want that time back!)

I still have £20 which I'll use for Hostel/Saw 2.

I'm now eating a chocolate cake with mmm creamy.

Edit: Ohh yeah! On the way to the bus I passed a guy on the escalator that looked EXACTLY like Harry! :D

Edit 2: Gah! Looks like the stupid comp didn't save what i'd done of freakonsale's fic. Sob

Edit 3: Mum seems to think I'm dating someome
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