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Will you save me from myself

A got a call at 12:30 but I missed it. I doubt it was the police as it was caller withheld.

Mum's got herself Harry Potter *is glad I got her summat else, but isn't due to it not being here*

So I've missed Hostel today, something which the paper calls so sick that it makes Cannibal Holocaust seem tame. Now I MUST see it.

I'm gonna ponder doing Phixx fic some more before I do it.

In Kerrang the Fightstar poster is loves. Alex looks like Mikey. I'm totally doing the comp to see Fall out Boy.

This=my future home's wall. Especially the teo Coruscant ones < 3333333333333333!

Kitty Tom's here and he says hi!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY freakonsale!!
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