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We hold in our hands the sword and the faith

I was meant to be at college today. I only woke up about 10/20 minutes ago. Fuck am I going. I dunno if I should go to Walsall to look in HMV (to see what's in the 4 for £20/if Heroine's there). If I go now I could be back before Voyager...

It all depends if I can be arsed to go.

I like Voyager, the Doctor's amusing.

Pokemon should be released on DVD. I'd buy it. Ah I remember the good ol' days of Meowth, Jesse, James, Ash, Misty, Pikachu and Brock.

Another fairly random thing: Has anyone actually heard the new Son Of Dork single?

Also... I'm taken now :*

Edit: So I waited for the bus, thought I'd missed it and came back in and then it goes right past >:-0
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