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We hope that you enjoyed the show

Simon=love. Even with crap guests he's love.

This afternoon was dull till my baby came on :D We talked and rp'd and gore is sex.

I was reminded yesterday that Hostel was out Friday and I wanna see it really wanna see it with my baby though. It has eye gouging and fingers being hacked off. < 3 I'll see it Friday then sneak into another. I dunno what's on then yet so... suggestions anyone? Curses cause Aeon Flux ain't on

I've been singing and dancing to Cher. How cool am I?

Mum's let me get Season 2! YES! All X-Files down! :D Season 8 and 9 are ordered for Easter. Woo!

Busted came yesterday yay!

Writers block has struck the best writers and I'm still a casualty. I've had Eddie's Song open all day and not wrote a word. Curses

Tommorrow is like the 4th squeeish day over the past year, after Revenge Of The Sith, MCR Camden and Kylie.

I think I've got my baby veryyyy worked up.

I should so do porn
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