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At the end of the world, or the last thing I see

So I've just woke up at 12:30ish, and that's only so I can watch the Popworld repeat that I missed cause I was in bed yesterday.

Weee! I'm so hyped about tommorrow! Cause, well, MCRness. I'm all curious and hyper and I wonder if it'll have bits from Camden/Wolverhampton in the video diary. There's bound to be something about us Brits on cause we're like 'a second home to them' I'm also really curious about seeing ow their hair has changed over time. Except for Bob and Ray's which is pretty much the same.


I've had a bottle of Pepsi for a day and not even opened it O_O

I watched Dead End last night, cause it was on ITV2. It was really freaky and I'm still not a 100% sure what the end meant. Damn them for not showing two of the four bodies thoough.

I had a really gory dream last night, which was pretty much like my talk with my baby was. We're evil ya'see.

I have to write. Must. Finish. Eddie's Song today. And do Night Drive before people forget it...

Ohhh pear drops.
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