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Hold my hand until the waves come

Today was odd, with a mix of boredom.

I got The X-Files Season 7 dvd from Smiths, cause you can never have too many X-Files. And it was the only one I didn't have that was there. I tried to get 9 in Woolworths, but they had none.

College was boring, there was hardly anyone there and we didn't have a lesson. But I stayed there. I stayed anyway, pretty much to get Lisa to sign my ALG thing. I think I had a sugar high or something though, I was really weird.

I missed the bus home not once, but twice as I looked everywhere for more X-Files. Stupid stupid Stuie. But it meant coming home with Kel so.. yay!

Season 1 should be here soon anyway.

Monday is a big day. I'm gonna be up and out early, going in all the major cd/dvd places, then getting Heroine and Life On The Murder Scene [WOO!] (and an X-File if I see one). As well as checkcing for mum's mother's day Harry Potter.

Kerrang has perdy Charlie and Fall Out Boy poster=yum. Plus it confirmed Murder Scene's out Monday. Next week has The Academy Is... and Panic! yay!

Last night was... < 3
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