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Enter day two of me not at college. It's basically the combined result of three things:
*I go back to sleep once mum's gone for a nap, and don't wake up till hours later
*I miss the buses when I am awake
*My back hurts for some reason so I'd rather lie in bed even longer.

I'll go tommorrow and get Lisa to sign my stuff.

Last night I ordered Season 1 of The X-Files off amazon jersey cause it's one of the three that can be gotten for £11 delivered. From normal amazon it's £13 not including delivery. Should be here soon.

Monday=MCR day. It'll be the only day in history when I'll actually be up and gone at the 8:20 bus willingly. I'll be going everywhere to check the prices (though most likely will get it and Heroine from HMV), return and watch some. I'll probably spend most of the night watching it too.

In about half an hour I'll go to Cannock to grab Rocksound (and see if there's anything interesting in Asda/Woolworths). I wonder if they'll still have that Cher dvd If I had about... £8 more I'd buy an X-File, but they'd probably not have any.

Desperate Housewives last night! Yay George is dead! :D

Last night was fun. Simpsons, perdy pictures and talking about random things.

This post possibly makes no sense...
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