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A Princess and a guy like me

I started writing a little last night, but again lost inspiration, le sigh. I have a very short writing attention span.

Only lasst night I found out NND's last names. Yes, I'm bad for nor knowing. They must come back.

Today's been a thinking day. I now have the money for Idiot Pilot's EP and single (though I might buy one first, listen, then buy the other later if I like it) and Rock Sound cause Panic! and FFTL last is love.

I felt spiteful and set fire to next door's shoelace. Teaches the bastard for leaving his shoes out (and if their still out I'll burn the t'other one).

Kitty!Tom spent most of the day in with me. He's so adorable he spent most of the time curled up in front of the fire I forgot he was there :[ He's so cutes, he followed me in when I went to the bin. He has a mark above his eye, but I dunno how he got it :/

After lunch a woman came to talk to mum about nan and I ended up talking about random stuff. How crap school was, college and Star Wars were some of the topics. Plus my shyness about the world till last year.

The past few days have been oddly introspective, but good. I remember something Kel said yesterday 'I saw Sam in Woolworths and he decided to talk to me as if we were friends. If he hadn't had a kid with him I'd have punched him!'

I haven't seen any Star Wars in a while, I think I'll bring in Episode 3 to watch tonight.

I loves you

I've been racking my brain for a mother's day present, but then I saw a Harry Potter ad. It's thee perfect thing! *blesses it*
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