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The poor groom's bride is a whore

Last night the copy/paste thing fucked up, so I haven't filled any (but Em's) or the last post thing, so I'll do that soon.

Today I woke up to the sound of mum talking. I thought she'd finally snapped and started having conversations with herself. However she wasn't crazy, but Kel was here and she was talking to her.

Mum went to work and I sat with Kel, watching music videos and talking about how crappy her college group was and other random things. We went to Walsall at about 11ish and went around the shops. I got Fightstar's album and Panic!'s single from HMV.

I finally saw Idiot Pilot's album, but alas, no money. In Virgin I sw their EP and single and again, wished money.

In WH Smiths I saw Rock Sound which I really want cause it has Panic! in which is < 3! It also has a cd with The Levy on it. Sneak had a poster of James, but I didn't have enough and didn't see it again to yoink the poster. Upstairs Kel finally saw thee X-File's she wanted so went to the bank, got money and purchased it. :D

We had a Mcdonalds < 3

Twas a fun day.

The Panic! single is love cause the demo is brilliant! Plus it has a sticker! I haven't heard Fightstar yet (putting it on in a sec) but the booklet thing is perdy.


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