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Variable Geometry Self-Propelled Battle Droid, Mark I

How funny and brilliant was the Muppets thing? It had both Kylie and Star Wars in it which makes it all the more yayful! I miss the Muppets. I wish I had the dvds.

Once again no inspiraton, once again crap on tv (other then the Muppets), once again talking to Em is the highlight of my day.

Mum's at a party thing tonight so I have the place to myself. Yay!

Chapter 1: The Basics
Name: Stu(ie)
Initials: SA/SWA
Primary Nickname: Stu/Stuie
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: October 20th 1986
Star Sign: Libra
Chinese Horoscope Sign: Fire Tiger (I think)
Current Location: Home
Height: 6'ish
Weight: I dunno, I'm a stick
Hair Length: Like Charlie's hair, that length
Hair Colour: Very dark brown near black
Eye Colour: Blue
Skin Tone (Light, Medium, Dark): Light
Piercings: 3, 2 in the left ear, one at the top one on the lobe, left side of my lip
Tattoos: None yet
Scars and Birthmarks: A scar on my stomach from when I was little

Chapter 2: The Background
Mother's Name: Susan
Mother's Hometown: Walsall
Mother's Hair Colour: Brown
Mother's Eye Colour: Blue
Father's Name: David
Father's Hometown:
Father's Hair Colour:
Father's Eye Colour
What do you call your parent? Mum, mostly
Do you get along with your parent?: Sometimes
Do you live with your parent?: Yeah
Are your parents married/separated/divorced?: Divorced for 20+ years, I recall my conception being after the divorce
Do you have any step-parents?: Possibly
Do you have any step-siblings?: I have at least one half-brother somewhere
Name/s and Age/s of Siblings: *shrug*
Do you get along with your siblings?: Never met
Do you live with your siblings?: ^
Name/s and Number of Pet/s: Solo a cutes cat
Did you grow up in a different place where you live now?: Sorta, I grew up at my nan's which is across the street
Where did you spend your summers as a child?: Here
What was the name of your primary school?: Glenthorne. Twas bah
Did you play any sports in primary school?: Fuck no, unless I was made to.
Did you participate in any special extra-curricular activities?: No, like I'd wanna spend more time there
Who was your favorite primary teacher?:I can't remember her name, but I remember she left to have a baby
What were some of your favorite TV shows in primary school?: Pokemon
Who were your best friends in primary school?: Meh, can't remember
What was/is the name of your senior school?: Great Wryley High
Did you play any sports in senior school?: Piss off did I
Did you participate in any special extra-curricular activities?: No way.
Who was your favorite senior school teacher?: Mr Lownes (I thinks that's how you spell it) who taught me Envirnomental Science and Mrs Atkins who did Maths and one of the music teachers (can't remember her name*
What were some of your favorite TV shows in senior school?: Buffy/X-Files
Who were your best friends in senior school?: Kel
Did you attend mostly private or public schools?: Public.
Were you ever required to wear a uniform?: Yeah, ugh
Did you go to the same school as your parents?: Yeah
Did you go to the same school as your siblings? *shrug*
What is your family's cultural heritage?: Eh?

Chapter 3: The Style and Fashion
What's your dress size?: I dunno :( ...now I want a dress. I HATE YOU THING!
What are your favorite clothing labels?: ANything with MCR on
Do you prefer massive chain stores or little trendy boutiques?: *shrug*
Do you consider yourself materialistic?: Yeah, but not with clothes
Do others consider you materialistic?: Probably
Do you subscribe to any fashion magazines?: Eww why would I?
What brand/s of make-up do you use?: Whatever I have
What's your choice of shampoo or conditioner?: ^
Have you ever gotten a Japanese perm?: ...what's that?
How often do you get a manicure and pedicure?: Nevers
Do you ever colour or highlight your hair?: I did it once
Do you own a pair of UGG's?: Eh?
Do you own a high end designer handbag?: Nope.
Do you own any Louis Vuitton luggage?: Nope...
What's usually on your wrist?: Watch
How long does it take you to get dressed each day?: 2-3 minutes, depends if I'm watching something at the same time
How would you define your typical dressing style?: Jeans and a tee
Are you obsessed with expensive designer brands?: Nah
Describe your perfect pair of jeans: The ones with holes in
Do you judge other people based upon how they're dressed?: Nah... unless they're chavs
Do you have a signature scent?: Eh?

Chapter 4: The Favorites
City: Birmingham
Vacation Spot: Scotland, though I like Belgium too, but I've only been there once so...
Food: Pizza pocket things/doritos/sushi
Dessert: Chocolate.. galaxy mmm
Drink (Non-Alcoholic): Pepsi twist
Drink (Alcoholic): Buck's fizz... so far
Holiday: Define holiday, if it's a week+ then a few years ago to Scotland. There was a hot waiter and I went to a Star Wars exibit. I stood next to the Royal Starship! If a few days counts then Belgium last year, it was an adventure
Decade: This one, maybe the ninties
Number: 16
Colour: Purple
Tacky Pick-Up Line: I can't remember it, I know there's ome I like.`...
Language: Bits of French, I'm gonna do Japanese as an elective next year
Country/ies: Japan, Scotland
Girl's Name: Padme, Aurra
Boy's Name: Ryan

Chapter 5: Do You...
Shower every day?: No
Write little memos on your hand?: Nah
Have any special sleeping requirements, i.e. lights off, left side, etc...: I used to, now nah.
Have your driver's license?: No, I might get one soon
Hold citizenship to more than one country?: Nah
Think you're attractive?: Meh
Like yourself?: It comes and goes
Have any weird little habits?: Picking my nose, starting fics and not finishing them, running around and singing and dancing

Chapter 6: Have You Ever.
Gone skinny dipping?: No
Smoked a cigarette?: Yeah
Smoked a cigar?: No
Smoked anything else?: No
Kissed a member of the same sex?: Yeah
Been in love?: I think so
Snuck out of you're parent's house?: Yeah
Skipped school?: yeah, I hated school
Been to the Caribbean?: No
Flown first class?: No
Taken pain killers?: No
Taken sleeping pills?: No
Taken drugs?: Perscriped.
ODed?: No
Got alcohol poisoning?: No
Been in an abusive relationship?: ....
Rode in a limousine?: No
Gone SCUBA diving?: No
Gone snorkling?: Yeah
Gotten stung by jellyfish?: No
Gotten stung by a bee?: Yeah
Failed a subject in school?: Yes.
Been cheated out of a large sum of money?: Probably
Made your own porno?: ...one day
Slept naked?: yeah
Gone streaking?: No
Played ding dong ditch?: Eh?
Gotten your hair braided in corn rows?: No!
Gone on a rollercoaster?: Yup

Chapter 7: What Makes You...
Dance?: MCR
Sing?: Music
Scared?: Big ass spiders, homophobes, exams
Cry?: Not saying
Envious?: *shrugs*
Sleepy?: QVC
Excited?: ;)
Nervous?: Exams
Bored?: QVC
Feel important?: Mcslashawards, Em

Chapter 8: Relationships
Do you consider yourself a good friend?: Maybe
Would you rather have a lot of friends or a few good friends?: Second
Do you have a lot of friends?: *shrug*
Are you more outgoing or shy? Shy, unless I know you
Do you like to make new friends?: Sometimes
Are you a gossip?: *shrug*
How many of your friends are guys?: One, a few at college
Are you with someone/single/dating?: Sorta
Have you ever been in love?: Yeah
Do you believe in love at first sight? Yes.
What's the longest relationship you've ever been in?: On and off for about 2 years
Would you ever be with someone who your friends didn't like?: I have
Would you ever be with someone who your family didn't like?: My family can fuck off when it comes to who I go with
Do you care about how people look?: *shrug*
What's your favourite hair colour?: dark
What's your favorite eye colour?: Blue
Short or long hair?: Long/short, whichever
How would you want a significant other to dress?: As an emo. Emos are hot
Would you take someone who was good looking but an asshole?: Maybe
Are you a virgin?: For now
Do you prefer single or double/group dates?: *shrug*
Do you want to get married?: Yeah
Do you want to have children?: Nah

Chapter 9: Music, Movies & Celebrities
What's your fave band?: My Chemical Romance, Hawthorne Heights, Fightstar, McFly, Bullet For My Valentine, Linkin Park, The Used, From First To Last, Armor For Sleep, Son Of Dork... we could be here all day
Fave solo artist/s?: Kylie, Cher, Madonna
Current favourite song?: Where Do I Stab Myself In The Ears - Hawthorne Heights/The Levy - From First To Last/Waste A Moment - Fightstar
Current favourite album?: If Only You Were Lonely - Hawthorne heights/Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge - My Chemical Romance
Current favourite movie?: Star Wars Episode 3 Revenge Of The Sith
Do you have a crush on any celebrities?: Yess
If so, who?: Dave Williams, Charlie Simpson, Harry Judd, Matt Tuck, Gerard Way... on and on it goes
Most embarrassing celeb you ever had/have a crush on?: Eh, I dunno
Top 5 celeb girls/guys of the moment. Give their name, their job and why you like them?:
1. Harry Judd - Drummer of Mcfly - Have you seen his eyes? Have you heard him sing? I rest my case
2. Dave Williams - Guitarist of Son Of Dork - He's a Welsh lightbulb and I loves him for it
3. Charlie Simpson - Guitarist, lead singer or Fightstar - There's just something about him that screams rawr
4. Steve Rushton - Guitarist and vocalist of Son Of Dork - Have you seen the dork pictures?
5. Gerard Way - Lead singer of MCR - He's sex

Chapter 10: Technology
What type of cell phone do you have?: Orange
Is it a camera phone?: No:(
How often do you use your cell phone?: Never
How many people do you have in your cell phone address book?: 10ish
How often do you text message?: Hardly ever
What are the last 4 digits in your cell phone?: No fucking clue
Do you have your own computer?: 2
If yes, what kind? If no, who's do you use?: Laptop, old fossil computer
Do you have MSN Messenger?: Yes!
Do you have AIM?: Yup!
Do you have wireless Internet?:No:(
Know HTML?: Bits
How many hours per day do you spend online?: Up to 20
Do you have a Sidekick or Blackberry?: Nope.
Do you have a digital camera?: Yeah
What kind is it?: Kodak
Do you have an iPod? Yup

Chapter 11: Education
What college/university do you go to/want to go to?: Walsall College/Wolverhampton Uni
Do you like school?: I like college
Is your school in a different location than your family?: Yeah
If yes, where, and how far from home are you?: Walsall, about 20-30 mins
What sports/extra curriculars are you currently involved in?: None
What is your school's athletic team called?: We dun have one
What is your school mascott?: Nones
What are your school colours?: We can wear what we like
What year was your school founded in?: Dunno
Who is your school's biggest rival?: Dunno
Do you feel superior to people who go to other schools?: Nah
What are your grades generally like?: *shrug*
What is your year? 2nd year
What is your major/minor?: Media
What would you like to do after graduation?: Go to Uni
What would you like to be when you grow up?: Dunno

Chapter 12: Pick Your Perfect...
Pizza: Cheese, cheese and more cheese.
Bagel: Meh
S'more: mmmmm chocolate
Sundae: Chocolate with a flake.

Chapter 13: Ratings (How Important is/are)
Friends: very
Family: Meh
Love: Very
Animals: Mid
Education: *dhrug*
Religion: Fuck no, religion is... stupid
Sleep: Not very
Health: Hardly
Nature: Mid
Shopping: NEVER
Comfort: I dunno..
Sex: NMmmmmm sexx

Chapter 14: Random
If you could take back one thing from your childhood, what would it be?: Telling people things
Would you rather win an Oscar or a Nobel Prize?: Oscar
Who were you named after?: Old old relaive, I think
If you could be anything/one you wanted, who/what would you be?: I'd be Harry the hoe for the day
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