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You have something I need

The dvd with Hawthorne Heights has a video of lesbians, bondage and at least four Atreyu vids. I didn't even know they had that many! I'm surprised that they only had one Hawthorne Heights one though.

I've watched more X-files in the past month then I have in the past year. Is that disturbing? I < 3 the X-Files. Out of all four boxsets I've had, I haven't watched something like 10-15 episodes since I got them and when you consider there's 20-24 eps on each season that's A LOT.


Speaking of I need X-Files icons... and Panic! ones.... gods stop me. Kel do yous have Krycek icons?

My comp died early mid-writing. I hate it. I have to rewrite what I had, which in this case is a blessing cause I didn't really like what I had.

I need pepsi.

Fightstar's album out Monday! Spaz! Expect Haighwick fic soon. Just because I like Dan a lot.

I feel something weird...

Edit: I need conformation on a Fightstar signing in Birmingham.
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