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If you wake up on your own

Well, that was pointless. Went in today, all ready to do fuck all and what do I find? It's the New York trips so we have no lessons and I was sent home. Sigh

I got both Fightstar singles and Hawthorne Heights though.

Watching the dvd single now. They filmed Grand Unification in a haunted place. Dan is hot and Charlie licked his 'sexual' guitar. It's actually kinda freaky but at least it has Dan and Charlie on their knees, crawling.

I looked in Kerrang before I got on the bus (didn't buy as no money). Hot Panic! poster and next week Fightstar. It says about Charlie 'from zero to hero'. If I liked Busted as much as some people I'd be insulted...

Random thought: Who likes Charlie?
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