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It all comes down to a matter of trust

I've been thinking. Something that's never good.

A week on Sunday will be 2 months and a day since the 'incident', a series of events which led to the temporary deletion and closing of my GJ and a move back to this journal (which had been pretty much abandoned up until that point).

Sunday, March 19th is the day I consider to be the cut of point for any resolution to the incident.

After that point I will phase out the people involved from my GJ and here, as well as removing their testimonials there too. It's also the point where I'll stop emotionally investing in there being any resolution.

I've come to realise that things happen in cycles. Bad things.

I can last most interent friendships for about a year until something goes badly wrong (so far there are few exceptions).
Around spring of every year, I will lose someone. (Last year it was Rob, this year... well.)
At least when there's fighting it means there's caring. (You don't fight with someone you're indifferent to if you were once friends)
Something bad will always, always happen in October.
Concerts will always be ruined, if not at the very last minute then sometime either side of it. Something or someone will always conspire to destroy the memory of it.
If another party is going to great lengths to see into your journal they must care.

That possibly makes no sense...

Other random thoughts:
Where do I stand with Rob?
Who's Dave shagging now?
How can I get rid of the dreaded block, which has returned with a vengeance?
Fightstar slash is hot sex
I still can't decide will of the TOTP Mcfly posters to put up.
Why is Myspace down?
Stormtroopers are crap shots
Is Misty a lesbian?
Feelings are weird

In answer to the previous post: The end of Night Drive Part 12 is basically a life from the Revenge Of The Sith novel where the sex that is Kit Fisto says he'd feel better if Yoda was with them will he, Agen Kolar, Saesee Tiin and Mace Windu confront Palpatine.

All end up dead.
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