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Base Delta Zero

I've lost all faith in humanity. Chico Time is number 1 Why? Dear god why? It/Him/It=ewwwwy.

Good things:
Fightstar's single's released today and I'll get it Wednesday
I got sneak causa the perdy posters (and dear gods Charlie is hot in the Fightstar one, as is Dan)
X-Files and Pokemon should be here tommorrow
Only 2 weeks till Life On The Murder Scene

Blah things:
I have like a million people trying to add me on myspace and I don't know who the hell they are
Enterprise last night was crap. UGH! B and B should be terminated immediately
It's cold
The aforementioned Chico Time
An annoying teenie bugging the crap outta me on SOD Downloads. One of the reasons being calling me a girl
ALG not being in till next week, when it'll be a £90 triple payment
Lack of inspiration
Not knowing when either Son Of Dork or Mcfly is releasing something
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