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It's never been done in the history of the order, it's insulting

Yesterday something surprised me. I was looking through the Mail (to get to the cartoons) and :O there was a picture of Bert! Bert Mccracken in the Mail. They must be breaking some law or something.

Sobble, Finch have split :(

Today I went to get today's Mail for mum, but it wasn't there so I looked for Smash Hits (which also wasn't there :( ). SO I looked through the Sneak to see the posters. Mostly crap, though there's a perdy Fightstar one and an MCR one. An OLD MCR one. As in so old it still has Matt in the line up. It's insulting, can't they get newer ones with the Bobness?

Sigh. I'll get it tommorrow perhaps.

Fic later.

There's a Star Wars pre-Clone Wars RP that I think I'll join. I might be Nute Gunray or Zam Wesell.
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