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I finally saw the first ep of Queer As Folk Us yesterday morning. I was right in my assumption from the synobsis: the first ep is pretty much the same as our first ep. Of course there's a few differences. It's longer for one and has more people. Oh and Justin looks like 5 Colours Dougie (that's the first thought that came to mind) so.. err. yeah. I liked it though. I'll watch more later perhaps.

Surprise, surprise, Asda didn't have Panic!'s single. Sob. Twas worth a try though.

Richmond shoulda been in the IT Crowd more!

Mum spent all of last night reminding me I was nearly 20. Yeah, thanks mum for that. I don't wanna not be a teenager anymore. I haven't even done some of the teenagery things: drive, fuck, get pissed... I'm sure there's more. I've done all the bad teenagery things though: had a counsellor, an eating disorder, slashed my wrists... again, there's more.


I've been stuck with my crazy nan all morning. I had to sneak out while she slept. She drove me crazy, always mumbling. I HATE OLD PEOPLE.

Popworld today is fun as always. You gotta love Simon, he's amazing. Not untying Miquita amused me. hehhee I DON'T WANT HIM THEM TO GO! :( Why hasn't the SOD signing thing been on? Isn't it months late now? Sigh

Speaking of Simon, I need Simon icons...

I missed the start of Harry's bit on CD:UK (cause CD:UK is mostly crap now). He was hot but DAMN YOU JUDD SMILE! Dougie wasn't doing a very good job at making him laugh then, but maybe he was doing the wrong sort of things I'm sure I seen a bulge in his jeans.

I've ordered Pokemon Chronicles and season 4 of The X-Files of amazon. Yes, I'm weird shush.
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