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Should I?

10 things you might not know about Stu

1. I've never met, or even seen a picture of, my father
2. My first fic was a Blue threesome fic
3. The second fic I did (also Blue) was the first death fic I did
4. In about year 9/10 (I can't recall which) Sam sent me letters (under a different name)
5. When I bring shopping home I will refuse to bring the meat, because I don't feel comfortable touching it
6. I've been known to be squeamish, until the past few years. The first time I seen Interview With The Vampire I switched off and the first time I seen Queen Of The Damned I felt sick
7. Most of my dreams I have revolve around sex. The ones that don't I refuse to talk about
8. I know most of Star Wars by heart, and can say most every line (the ones that aren't basic I can't speak)
9. I wish I lived in the pre-Clone War Star Wars universe
10. I have about 20+ fics on a to-do list

11. (cause I felt it needs saying) I can't read Jaybourne unless there's a third (or more) party involved. I resent it cause Bournewick is hotter. This may be the reason I don't like Matt

I went to bed at 8 last night for a nap and woke up at 9. 9 this morning. So, 13 hours sleep for me.

I missed House and talking to Em, Janeyfer and everyone else though so... yeah. I asked mum to see if Asda had Panic!'s single. She had to write it down :[

You know those Mcfly wristband things? Has anyone actually SEEN them in shops?

Edit: The device pisses me off slightly now. It refuses to record the following things: the Helena dvd, the dvd free with Aiden's album, Gravitation and, worst of all, the Wonderland tour. Grrr! At first I thought it was cause of a American thing, but now I know it's not :(

I have, however found a loophole. To record in black and white which is so beyond crap that I refuse to do it. There must be some other way...
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