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They will take control of you

Why can't I write smut right now? I hate you world.

I may write that gore fic instead.... maybe.

I've decided to send The X-Files back to amazon for a replacement. They gave me a thing to print of and cut and stick. Now to find something to put it in. Damn me for setting the box it came in alight I'm sure I have something lying around, soon as I find something, then send I will. They'll send a replacement free.

It's nan and grandad's wedding anniversary tommorrow, so we might be going somewhere at the afternoon. Or not. It's a mystery.

Wookpedia pwns my 'soul'. I still bitterly resent the Vong though. THEY KILLED CHEWIE AND DESTROYED CORUSCANT!

Ahem. The Dark nest trilogy sounds interesting though. It turns out that R2 filled everything he saw in Episode 3 (at least Anakin telling Padme of his dream, Padme and Obi-Wan talking and Anakin choking Padme). I always knew he had that holorecorder on permenantly. The perv.

I feel awful, though one good thing: I've been informed that I'll win a mcslashaward catergory. Weather that means I'm the only choice or weather I was enar unanimously nominated is unclear.

Why do I have this image of Gerard wrestling a nexu?
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