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Do you believeeeeeeee

The X-Files arrived this morning. Third boxset woop! I now have a third of the whole series which makes me :') I'll be watching some soon. I actually need some X-files icons... hmmm

Simon is god. He's < 33. There should be more Simon's cause I'd totally date him. Every second word from his mouth is hilarious. Oh and guy that kissed him is Richard from The Feeling.

I finally decided to send a message to Mcfly and I think it went fairly well. I didn't say anything embaressing, mention slash or blab about how fit Harry is. Yay for me!

Hi guys! *wave* Some of my friends messaged you and got replies so I thought I would too.

I think you guys are amazing and I know you'll do well whenever you go to America, cause I already have quite a fanbase out there.

I haven't met you (yet) but I hope to someday, are you going to do any signings in the forseeable future?

Also, I was wondering what the next single's going to be/when it's released, cause I've heard it might be I've Got You or some song called Dinner At 8.

Oh and for the tour this year, will you be putting another date on at the NEC?

Thanks for reading and answering my questions (which you might've been asked before)

Love you all


Oh and Janeyfer I had an interesting convo with mum last night.
Me: Janey hasn't got her stuff yet
Mum: Oh.... ermmm...
Me: >:-O
Mum: It's right here

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