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I want answers

Not much has happened. Though Steve+leather jacket=hotness. (And Dave/anything leopardy)

Watched Will and Grace and hee Sex And The City person! Yes I can't remember her name I had a nap and missed the IT Crowd though

Random irritation: The X-Files was only sent yesterday when it was meant to have gotten here today.

Random thought: why has a certain person suddenly decided to unblock me on aim? I've not reason for it, so anyone with info, send it on a postcard.

Ohhh yay the Mighty Boosh! Vince is hot, so is Naboo. Though was Naboo's name chosen cause it was the Star Wars planet or some other reason. Hmmm

Edit: Oh and Aaron of V 'fame' has a new photoshoot which means he's doing something. What, exactly, no one seems to know.

Edit 2: I'm just watching the Fightstar extended Popworld thing. Dan 'got off' with Charlie very quickly. Dan is kinda hot.

Speaking of Popworld...

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Oh and X-files arrived :D WOO!
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