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The bane of my existance. Not zombies, or giant bugs or bats. But a fucking chessboard! It. Must. DIE!

Today was cold. I had winter, it's annoyingly cold. I hate the bloody cold. DAMN YOU GLOBAL WARMING!

Lyndon was scarily hyper and over the lesson Tom going down on Sam was mentioned.

Sam is still drooling over the device. He watched more Mcfly again and Resident Evil. He said he'd do anything for one (which makes me wish I had another just to see how far he'd go..) On the way home we talked randomly and warm places were mentioned, to which he said 'I bet you want me in your bed'.


He also made the point that if I recorded Give It A Name I could make a fortune.

Still no ALG back payments in the bank. How long does it fucking take?

I did a Tom the t'other night and ate cottage cheese.

Le sigh. And I'm done. I'm gonna try and write now.
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