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And everybody died... Trouble is, they didn't stay dead

Ugh, I've been sleeping all day (bar seeing Friends/Just Shoot Me and watching the That Girl DVD cause dreamysigh Harry). Harry's so hot in said video but I remember what I moaned about when I first seen it. I believe my exact words were, to anyone that wanted to listen, 'WHY ISN'T HARRY TOPLESS?' Yes, in a vid with slash coming out of it's ears I had to focus on the lack of Judd flesh. However, the fact that he pounced on everyone, specifically Tom is < 3 Every vid with Mcfly is slashy *dreamysigh*&=

I dunno if I feel better yet, we'll see.

After crawling out of bed for food I decided to play Resi Evil 0. For all of 20 minutes. (and 10 of that was set up). In that time I killed 4 zombies, found napalm grenades and the dreaded chess board puzzle. I remember when I first played and I got it wrong and it spewed out poison gas resulting in death. Fun. See why I avoided it?

Speaking of, Errol, what sort of guns can have a silencer?

That's all basically. I'll be watching Wonderland tonightish and playing more Resi Evil if I feel like it.
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