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Guilty by design

Ugh, I've just got in.

It's so fucking cold ugh I hate it.

So, first day back (cause I wasn't in Monday). The morning was marketing with Lisa. I've decided to use Life On The Murder Scene as the thing I'll be marketing. Interesting things in the lesson:
Gordon found out I'd been sick and seemed overtly concerned
Scott annoyed me (though that was an all day thing)
I saw some of Sam's stomach as he streached... mmm
Myspace has been blocked:(
Sam's being laid off :'(
Cause the little Music Zone is closing :'(
When did Jay get amazingly hot?

Then it was lunch which was blah. Music peeps had control over the pool table so we hung around the back, smoking. I got bored and got out the device, fast fowarding Resident Evil to the coolest part (the laser grid) and watched that. Neil noticed and asked about it so I babbled about it and he said to show it to Tim.

In the queue for the next lesson, I took it out again. Gordon thought it was cool, so did Jay but Sam was the only person I allowed to touch it. He made a little squee when he saw Mcfly and played I Wanna Hold You before we were forced into lesson.

Somone had the bright idea to put both groups together so there was no fucking room. It was a bit... blah. Shaune was his usual over-enthusiastic self and he showed us two videos. One was blah and about... well I'm not sure it was very boring. The other was A Soft Touch and it was set in Glasgow. The accents were so strong that no one knew what was being said 90% of the time. It had ewwy het sex and an ewwy naked guy so I think I'm disturbed now.

In the lesson's break, Same played with the device and chosen Eddie's Song. Then a live version I'm Not Okay. Eddie's Song and I Wanna Hold You? I'm suspicious of him now.

My back and head aches (and have done for days now) mmm.

Edit: I'm e-baying the TOTP tickets cause crap people are there. Oh, and I've remembered what's out Monday. Panic!'s single and Hawthorne Heights album.

Edit 2: Resident Evil: Deadly Silence is at the shop at the top of the escalator, even though it's not out for like a month. It always has things early.
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