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The Racoon city incident

I've got a massive craving to play Resident Evil but I can't be arsed with setting it up. I think it's due to reading up about the Umbrella Corporation on Wikipedia cause I'm pondering doing a Resident Evil based fic again (this will be the third time I've pondered such a thing). Will I do it? Maybe.

I've been watching X-Files since i woke up cause it's < 3. I've watched the one with black oil and Wetwired. Dreamysigh Krycek's hot.

I've been bad :[ I ordered Season 6 from amazon. It's £12.97 and when combined with an ordered I did for Kayleigh it's free p+p. It should be here Friday. *hopes mum's out when it comes*

Right, something's out on Monday that I know I want... I just can't remember what. Who's releasing singles/albums on Monday that I might be interested in? (I know it's something...)

I'm finally gonna finish Dirty Little Secret part 8 today, then do other fic. I'm pondering pairings for the 7 sins (I'm planning each one to have a different pairing). So... yeah.

That is all.
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