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Who Is Your Fave Guy Out Of Mcfly?

Do You Have Posters Of McFly?
Have you even seen my room? (aka yes)

What Is Your Fave McFly Song?
She Falls Asleep/I Wanna Hold You/Too Close For Comfort, though anything with Harry singing would beat everything else hands down

Do You Want To Meet McFly?
Of course!

Do You Have Any McFly Albums And Which Ones Are They?

Have You Ever Gone To A McFly Concert?
Once, Birmingham NEC on the Wonderland tour

Do You Even Like McFly?
I LOVE Mcfly

Danny or Tom?
Errrr Tom

All About You or Obviously?

5 Colours or I Wanna Hold You?
I Wanna Hold You

That Girl or I'll Be Ok?
I'll Be Ok

Tom, Harry or Dougie?
Harry. He's just... perfect. his eyes, his voice.. his singing <333

These Summer Girls ARE Really Something Else?
Summer boys are better, though it's not fair that girls wear things more then guys....

Do You Like The Clothing That McFly Wear?
Mostly... though I'd rather they wore less

Who Dresses Better Danny Or Tom?

Who Dresses Better Dougie Or Harry?

Do You Have McFly DVD?
All the single ones +the tour

What Is Your Fave Song That Is Not On Any Of McFly's Albums?
Silence is a Scary Sound, Hero

What Is Your Fave McFly Line E.G " that weirdo with 5 colours in her hair"?
Guh I always dread this question cause it keeps chaning. 'Was I invading in on your secrets?'

What Hair Style Of Dougie's Is Your Fave?
The purply spikey look

What Is Your Fave Harry Hairstyle?
Mullet with no sideburns

What is Your Fave Tom Hairstyle?

What Is Your Fave Danny Hairstyle?
*sniggers* This is a joke right? His always stays the same!

Would You Do Anything To Meet McFly?
Yes I would. ANYTHING

Has McFly Ever Gone To Your Country or State?
They live here so... duh :P
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