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I'm like Fearne Cotton only in human form

The past few nights the earliest I've gone to bed is 3, the latest 5. I just don't feel tired (even when I go to bed it's more outta coldness then tiredness).


Last night I had inspiration for a fic idea, so I noted it down. I dunno if it'd work though.

For some reason I had a dream and Gypsies, Tramps And Thieves was playing in it. Oddly that's all I remember of said dream. Odd much?

I watched the NND Dvd single this morning. How the hell did Ed/Scott get an ant of all things in his eye? Unless he was being fucked on the grass by his brothers.

Then I watched the I'll Be Ok Dvd and I made several observations. Simon's in the All About You vid, crawling around on the floor. Need I say more? Harry's in Dougie's 'gimp cage' in the Pinball Wizard video in which Tom see's Dougie's bits and Harry's topless. The gayness is palpable.

I'm going to watch Tomb Raider now (watch, not play, I suck so hard at the game, I was mauled by tigers... in the first level).

Edit: Also from Pinball Wizard, Danny 'shooting' Dougie and the fact that they have a toy gun...
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