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And we'll all dance along

So today was like last week, singing and semi-dancing in ASDA. Well, apart from when I was paralized by fear.

I went to Smiths and got X-Files season 3. Squee it's got Quagmire and Krycek. Which reminds me, last night we watched The Red And The Black and mum was like ':O He kissed Mulder!' Teehee

Something odd though, the last page of the booklet in it has pictures from Season 6 (Specifically How The Ghosts Stole Christmas). Why, I dunno.

I got Kerrang. There's an interview wwith Panic! which is < 3 Ryan's so perdy. There's two hot posts too, one of sweaty Matt *drool* and one of Frankie so now I have two outta the five MCR members as double A4 posters :D woo
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