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Have you ever considered we're on the wrong side?

I haven't finished voting at the Mcslash awards, I was planning to, but voting takes forever cause it's, try to remember a fic, find a fic, blah blah blah. Plus most catergories are hard to decide (like PWP) simple cause of the volume of fics. I'll spend tommorrow voting.

I've been singing Fightstar all morning which is puzzling cause I haven't listened to Fightstar in a week +. I often do that with peopl, just burst into song even though I haven't heard them, even if I'm only singing in my head. I do it with MCR all the time.

Last night I was singing not only MCR but Cher. I blame the X-File that I can't spell about the Great Mutato that had Cher playing a lot.

If there's X-Files in Smiths in Cannock I'll be getting another. I'm hoping 4, 2, 3 or 6.

I have four wordpads of stuff to do open: Night Drive, drabbles, Breathless (not posted anywhere yet) and Dirty Little Secret. Hopefully I'll mass post later.
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