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I will not co-operate

This day can piss off. Valentines=shit. I will maintain this opinion till something romantic happens.

Which, of course it won't.

Any possible romance I have ends badly anyway.

Unlike everyone else I will not in any way be doing a Valentines fic. Valentines can just climb in a hole and die. Or better yet, crawl in a hole with flesh eating bugs.

I've watched Episode 1, so it's now on the device. I might watch 2 soon, or I might watch Mcfly or something.

I watched the Body Language Live documentary and it amused me. For one, Kylie swore, which was a very :O moment. For 2 the dancers I recognised one but I can't remember his name, he was at Showgirl too. It shown the dancing auditions. All the egirls were covered up. In contrast all the guys were topless.

And is it just me, or is everyone in Kylie's entourage gay? In the word's of Padme: It's probably true.

Random thought: Why hasn't America Or Busted been released on dvd? It could have A Christmas For Everyone on it too!
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